The ICAC’s Documentation Centre and Library is in charge of promoting the Institute’s open science strategy and providing knowledge, tools and resources aimed at establishing a culture of research data management.

Advice on FAIR research data

  • FAIR principles for research staff.
  • Data management of projects in accordance with the requirements of the main funding entities.
  • DMP review service.
  • Planning the costs of research data management of the project.
  • Support for the research data life cycle.
  • Open data publication.
  • Data sharing and preservation service.

Advice on open access scientific publication

  • Open access publication of scientific production.
  • Embargos.
  • Authorship rights.

Management of the ICAC Open Science Infrastructures

  • CORA. Research Portal of Catalonia (CORA.PRC)
  • CORA. Research Data Repository (CORA.RDR)
  • CORA.eiNa DMP
  • Research Repository of Catalonia (RECERCAT)


  • Training in open science for technical and research personnel.
  • Training in Data Management Plan for Master’s students.
  • Implementation of Data Management Plans for master’s degree Final Project.
Policies on Open Science

Since 2015 ICAC-CERCA has published a set of policies on Open Science.


Training course for archaeologists

Course to acquire basic notions about the concepts, methods and tools associated with RDM in archaeology.



The discussions in open science, presented by diverse voices within the research community.


Get a DOI for your work

We can provide you with a digital object identifier, or DOI, for your publications or datasets.



Guidances to assist in creating Data Management Plan (DMPs), Software Management Plan (SMPs), README file and data dictionary.



Infographics on good formatting and long-term preservation practices.



For more information and assistance, contact Documentation Centre and Library.

Last updated: 12/03/2024