CORA. Research Portal of Catalonia (CORA.PRC)

Since June 2018, ICAC is part of the Catalan gateway to research Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya (CORA.PRC). This gateway aims to view and disseminate all the research carried out in Catalonia in a single public platform, facilitating open access to scientific production. There are currently 53 institutions (12 universities and 41 research centres) and more than 22,000 researchers participating in it.

CORA. Research Data Repository (CORA.RDR)

In 2021, the ICAC joined the CORA project: Research Data Repository (CORA.RDR), a federated and multidisciplinary data repository managed by CSUC (Consortium of University Services of Catalonia) that allows universities and CERCA centers, and other entities in Catalonia that carry out research, the publication of research data sets in FAIR mode (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) and following the guidelines of the European Open Science Cloud (EOCS). The objectives of the CORA project are to increase the efficiency and transparency of research by rapidly disseminating data, and facilitate its reuse.


The ICAC joined the CSUC DMP tool in 2021, aiming to help researchers in the creation of data management plans for projects funded by the Horizon 2020 program, the CE European Research Council, or the Spanish National Plan, among other funding institutions. From now on it is possible to create online data management plans following the FAIR principles by consulting the guides and real examples of DMP, doing it collaboratively, and saving considerable time and effort.

Research Repository of Catalonia (RECERCAT)

ICAC’s engagement in the institutional cooperative repository Recercat, promoted by the CSUC (Consortium of University Services of Catalonia), dates from 2014. There you can consult the academic literature of the Catalan universities and research centres. Papers, thesis, conference papers, reports, working documents, and any other kind of scientific results are collected