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Best practices recommended for the preservation of texts and documents

Things to consider when creating texts and documents on ensuring their preservation.

  • It is important that material embedded in text documents, such as images and spreadsheets are stored separately with the document, to ensure that the files retain their original quality (for example image resolution).
  • Avoid including links and dynamic content as links, etc. may become invalid over time.
  • If the intention is to save the final version of the document as PDF, make sure that the original format (Word .docx, OpenOffice .odt, etc.) is also saved separately.
  • If documents are saved as PDF, make sure they are saved as PDF/A.
  • Ensure that non-proprietary fonts and UTF-8 encoding are used.
  • In general, it is important to ensure that all information in the document is complete and understandable. Sources should be cited, etc.


For more information and assistance, contact Documentation Centre and Library.


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