By publishing research software, our main concern is to make it findable by as many people as possible. This can be achieved by providing correct metadata.

Software metadata should at least describe where to find a specific version of the software, how to cite it, who the authors are, what are the inputs and outputs, and what are the dependencies.

Research software needs to be identified unambiguously when looking for it is using common search strategies. Such strategies include the use of keywords in general-purpose search engines like Google, but also in specialized registries and repositories (e.g. GitHub or CORA.RDR).

Findability can be improved by registering the software in a relevant registry, along with metadata that provides contextual information about the software. Registries typically render metadata in a web-findable way and can provide a DOI. Some registries and repositories allow annotating software using domain-agnostic or domain-specific controlled vocabularies, further increasing findability via search engines.


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Research Software Metadata (University of Groningen).

Last updated: 19/02/2024