Publishing your book or book chapter Open Access has a range of benefits and there are a variety of ways you can do this. The best route will depend on your funder, the audience and the publishers of your research and we also offer advice on publishing choices.

Use the OAPEN Open Access Books

Toolkit to understand the process of publishing an Open Access book.


Green Open Access 

This route means you deposit a version of your work in your institutional repository such as Recercat. 

This costs nothing. 

It’s most suitable for book sections and chapters. 

It works for books that are published in print or online. 

You need to get the permission of the publisher to put your work in Recercat. Many publishers allow this.  

You usually need to use an embargo, which means your work won’t be Open Access until a set period of time has passed. 


Gold Open Access 

This route means that the author, institution, or funder pays a book processing charge (BPC) to make the work Open Access.  

This route applies to e-books only. 

Your book will be freely and publicly available online upon publication. 

You choose the terms under which your work is shared and re-used by applying a Creative Commons licence. 

Choose the right Open Access publisher

Think Check Submit

A checklist to help you choose a trusted publisher for your book or book chapter.

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

Check that a book or a publisher meets standards. DOAB provides a quality-controlled collection of open access books.



For more information and assistance, contact Documentation Centre and Library.


Make your book or chapter Open Access (University of Kent)

Last updated: 19/02/2024