Universal access to knowledge is a subject of great importance treated in various mandates and initiatives, but what are the main reasons for sharing this type of information?

One of the main reasons is that sharing data promotes innovation and reuse of data which could have new applications at a lower cost, simplifying the collaboration among data users, creators and reusers. In addition, it facilitates the transparency and reliability of the investigation, allowing research results to be verified in a simpler way.

Benefits of sharing research data

Another advantage is that it facilitates the dissemination of research, increasing its impact and visibility.

But to achieve these results it is necessary to share data in a way that guarantees its quality and interoperability. Data produced by scientific research are very heterogeneous due to the diversity of disciplines and scientific methods. Good data management must include criteria, principles and standards that make the data intelligible not only within their domain or discipline, but also interdisciplinarily.


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