Creating, managing and sharing research data carries a cost, requiring the allocation of staff time and other resources.

The estimated cost of the data collection process varies depending on different factors. You should take into account the cost of:

  • Project Website (hosting fee, personnel to build initial website).
  • Publishing in a discipline specific repository.
  • Access to external databases.
  • Digitisation of documentation.
  • Specific software.
  • Extra storage space is needed during or after research. (Nowadays, ICAC offers a storage capacity of 1 TB, if you need).
  • Expertise on for instance data management, ICT, legal issues, ethical issues and/or data security needs to be hired.
  • Transcription, normalisation, anonymisation or management of informed consents.
  • Hours dedicated to preparing the data management plan (DMP).


ICAC Services

Depositing datasets and metadata information on CORA.Research Data Repository (CORA.RDR) is free for ICAC’s researchers.

The ICAC Data Store (Sharepoint) is available to all research staff for day-to-day and long-term data storage (1 TB).

You can also benefit from the technical support of the Documentation Centre and the Library to create your DMP.

Things to consider

  • Eligible costs: When applying for funding, remember that there are typically two types of eligible costs; Direct costs», usually referring to staff time, travel, equipment, etc., and ‘Indirect costs», generally covering things like administrative and financial management.
  • Avoid ‘double dipping’: Most funders will cover justifiable costs related to RDM. However, if something is covered by indirect costs (e.g. institutional storage) you can’t also claim it as a direct cost. Check with your institution on how best to include these in grant proposals.

Useful tools

Data management costing tool and checklist

The UK Data Service data management costing tool and checklist lists all different possible data management activities, with supporting guidelines and comments.

Do you want to get a quick, visually understandable overview of this issue?

Take a look at this infographic produced by DCC in the context of the OpenAIRE's RDM Task Force, dedicated to DMP resources.



For more information and assistance, contact Documentation Centre and Library.


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Last updated: 30/05/2023