For a correct research data management, it is necessary to plan from the beginning of the project how research data will be collected, processed, stored, published, and reused in a Data Management Plan or DMP.

Use CORA.eiNa DMP for the creation of easy data management plans, with templates and support of any kind.

Benefits of using CORA.eiNa DMP

  • Compliance with the requirements of funding agencies. Data management plan creation helps to fulfil the requirements of European financial support or the National Plan.
  • Less time and effort. Templates are included in order to guide the reasercher during the data management plan creation.
  • Collaboration with other researchers. It enables to share the data management plan with other researchers and grants them reading, edition and co-editions rights.
  • Data management plan in open access. The data management plan can be published in open access and can havea static URL.
  • Guidelines and examples. Consult guidelines to facilitate the drafting of your Data Management Plan.
  • Free for ICAC researchers..

eiNa DMP uses an open-source software called DMPRoadmap, developed by Digital Curation Centre i la University of California Curation Center.

DMPRoadmap software is widely used around the world and among its users in Europe there is: DMPOnline in United Kingdom, DMP OPIDoR in France, in Belgium or PGDonline in Spain.

Useful tools

How to use the ICAC's Data Management Plan (DMP) guidelines?





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Last updated: 19/10/2023